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      Bizarre Sex 13

      Wer schon immer auf Natursekt und vor allem feucht-exzessives Fickvergnuegen abfaehrt sollte sich diese geile Produktion auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen..
      Hot girls get served natural warm Champaign love it! This move is packed with extreme hardcore action.Sexual preferences can certainly vary from degree to degree. Here on SK, this is not something that is unknown or uncommon. There are some girls out there who like to fuck trannies, and some men out there who like to be strangled with stockings. Today we look at the film Bizarre Sex 13. It’s impossible to question the success of a series that is on its thirteenth installment.
      Bizarre Sex 13 takes us on a trip where couples explore some of their most fundamental feelings and functions as human beings. The relief of urination when you really have to go has to be on the list of top 15 feelings as a person. The relief just after completing a very good orgasm has to be on this list as well. So what better way is there to top these feelings than trying to combine the two and put it into one hot and lusty film?!
      The storyline and plot are pretty basic in this film. There isn’t one. What we have are four scenes that start with two couples all having sex in the same room. There are gallons of piss involved. As a matter of fact, a couple of times through the movie, I found it hard to fathom how one person could hold so much urine within their bladder. The pissing alone isn’t even the greatest feat in this think-outside-the-box feature. What is truly amazing is the fact that some of these guys, hard dicks and all, can stop fucking and start pissing almost on cue! A star for bladder control is definitely not enough. They deserve a medal.
      It is safe to say that the piss flows like wine in ancient Rome in this film. It was a good mix for those who are into soothing sensations and the exploration of those sensations. However you slice it, the folks in this movie aren’t shy when it comes to expressing their deepest and darkest fantasies. For more interesting and equally bizarre sex features, be sure to check out the Liquid Gold Series, Abnorm 24, and Old Bitches 4.

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