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    Private Black Label 30: The Scottish Loveknot

    Scottish Loveknot, The

    Robert Mhor was a great warrior, but Scottish legend has it that he was also a great lover. After every battle he would take the defeated army’s women, so that they would never again feel pleasure with any other man. However, Robert was in love with only one woman: the Lady of the Loch. With her, he would reach heights of pleasure unknown to any other mortals. Robert died, but the legend and the spirit of the Lady live on, and once every hundred years she reappears in search of her lord amongst the most powerful loves of that moment…
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    A 2003 Editor’s Pick Selection

    2003 Private Alma,Gazzman,Jamie Woods,Jodie Moore,Mark Sloan,Michelle Louise,Myli,Steve Hooper,Tony Desergio,Vanda