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She Male Samba Mania 42

Michelly is our cover girl. She has dark hair and a baby face with braces on her teeth. Her skin is copper-toned and she is tall and very fit. Her tits are large and round and perfectly sun tan lined. Her ass is thick and its crack is very deep too, swallowing up her g-string bikini. Her legs have natural Brazilian fuzz on them that is blonde, soft and long. Her cock region is hairless and her ding dong is stiff right away. Her nuts have some slight saggage, but that doesn’t stop her man friend from toying with them or eating her anus either. She swallows his cock while jerking her own bird and staring with her cute eyes straight into the camera. Her pierced tongue comes in h andy as she erotically sucks away. Her stiff rod makes its way deep between his 2 legs which she spreads open wishbone style. He flips her over and tags her for a bit from behind, before going RCG as she lets her hairy legs work and her 7 inch banana do the cock flop. Round and round and up and down her wiener goes before it spits out a healthy one clinging semen from the hair one her legs. He lays her out and pile drives her sphincter before blowing a massive one on her clean shaven ball sack. Much of it dribbles down into her still gaping shitter. They jump in the shower and he gets out fast to allow us to watch her soap and clean herself up on her own.

Alycia is an exotic dirty blond with a cute face and a sexy body. She is tight and rather petite with a thick ass and 2 nicely shaped fresh tits. Between her legs resides a pink tipped, foreskin coated Brazilian python, that is just ready to gobble up some man ass. Her blonde boyfriend spends some time first eating her ass and grinding his cock into hers. They peel each others foreskin around with both their hands and their mouths, before he sits his ass down on her stiff rod and she proceeds to ream his shitter out. He really likes what she’s serving up but also wants to return the favor too, as he splits her juicy butt cheeks and long strokes her ass canal. She gets on top of him next and use s her thick hips to ram his cock and out of her over and over again as her own penis points straight too the sky. He side stabs her and then blows half inside her ass and the rest on the outside. The cum comes gushing from her ass and pours out and all over the sheets. They jump in the shower where he is nice enough to wash her cum filled fuck chute.

Leticia is blonde and very sexy. She has long hair and librarian type glasses on. She looks smart but very sexy too as she strips down for us in some solo action. Her tits are large and round and her sun tan lines are well marked. Her legs are moderately hairy, yet her cock is nearly bald. She is dressed in a tight leather skirt as she gets things going with her boyfriend on the sofa. He starts with a healthy serving of her bung hole followed by a mouthful of her short and chubby cock. They battle swords and he wins, putting her ass in the air and plugging her soft shitter from behind. She handles his big one with ease and seems to like it as her cock is rock hard and pointing to th e sky. She lays back and he pumps away as she jerks her’s off to a sticky and thick white cumshot. He finally pulls out and blows a massive, high flying multiple load cum wad all over her cock and mid section too. He cleans her up in the shower before she helps him to do the same.

Barbara is big and very white. Her pale skin and bleach blonde hair almost refract light while her two big tits resemble 2 bright white buoys. Her cock is large and even whiter than the rest of her, with the exception of her tranny cock head which shines a pretty shade of pink. Her puffed up titties make her man friend want to suck on them before she gets her turn to suck on his thick pipe. They gnaw at each others heads and jack each other’s meat around before she lays him down and crams her white stick in and out of his tan buttocks.

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